We seek to build safer spaces for our artists and patrons attending our artists’ shows.

We advocate for decreased racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism that occur at shows and festivals we partner with, and in rooms and venues we book in.

We are preparing a training manual to send to all the promoters we work with on safer spaces, all-gender bathroom policies, decreasing physical and sexual harassment at bars and clubs, and training for security, bar and venue staff to treat marginalized individuals and artists with the dignity and respect they deserve when they play or attend a show.

of course, we can never guarantee that every space will be 100% safe, but we are 100% committed to anti-oppression frameworks, as we live, breathe and integrate these policies in all the work we do - given we are minority individuals ourselves - in how we book our shows, communicate with our artists and promoters, and advocate for more inclusive policies at live music engagements. 




Do you need to hire a consultant or a team to run a workshop, offer active listeners to patrons at an event, or implement an entire safer spaces tent or dispatch for your entire festival, event, or organization? 

These are trusted individuals who are social and community workers, health practitioners, nurses, doctors, and leaders in our community, whose work is all rooted from an anti-oppression framework.

Uzoma headshot


Uzoma Asagwara (they/them pronouns) is a consultant, public speaker and registered psychiatric nurse working in youth addictions and acute adult mental health. They are a former member of the Premiers Advisory Council on Education, Poverty and Citizenship and former member of the Canadian Women’s National Basketball team. Uzoma is the founder of QPOC Winnipeg; an initiative that creates safer spaces, positive and self determined representation and visibility of Queer and Trans, Black/Indigenous and People of Colour. Since 2014, QPOC has created events and spaces that range from dance parties to artist talks, open mics, workshops, conferences, potlucks, community consultations, high school GSA presentations and fundraisers.



Elsa Mirzaei (they/them pronouns) is an artist, educator and curator working on the stolen territories of the Algonquin & Mohawk nations (also known as Ottawa and Montreal). Elsa is the founder and director of DIY Spring Festival, a futurist music festival in Ottawa that centres the conscious and innovative art of Black, Indigenous and racialized women. 

They are also the current facilitator at Project Soundcheck, an Ottawa-based initiative that aims to prevent sexual violence at music festivals through bystander intervention workshops and active listening services on festival sites. 

red tent


The Red Tent is a collectively run organization founded to respond to oppression and sexual assault, and create safer spaces for people who experience oppression. We do this by providing safer space and anti-oppression trainings and workshops for volunteers and staff within businesses and community-based organizations. We also partner with music festivals and events to create and operate safer spaces.

As volunteers who are professionals in the social health field, we have a wealth of knowledge in facilitation and organizing around sexual and mental health, anti-oppression, harm reduction and trauma informed communication and response.

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